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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long will it take to produce and ship my order?

    Production Times for all of our items can be found in our catalog or on this website in each product's web page.

    All production times start after art and order approval only. For example, if a product has a production time of '4 weeks,' it means that the product will be ready to ship no later than 4 weeks after the artwork for that order is approved in writing.
  • What is the minimum I can order of a product?

    With each product in the catalog on on the website, you will find a pricing table. The lowest quantity on the pricing table is the minimum order for that product. You can order up to 50% less than the minimum order if necessary, in which case a one-time $50.00 fee is added to your total order.
  • How should I send you artwork for an order?

    Artwork can be sent by e-mail to artwork@lorente.us. Artwork needs to be in a print-ready format such as Adobe Illustrator (.AI), .EPS, and high-resolution (600dpi or higher) .TIF or .JPG files.

    If high-quality artwork is not available, our art team can professionally enhance or create your artwork for a small fee.
  • I would like to see samples or a catalog before placing an order. How can I arrange this?

    Simply call us toll-free at 1-877-281-6469 or e-mail us at sales@lorente.us to request samples. We send free random samples of requested custom-made products. If you would like samples sent by Overnight Express, we will need your carrier's account number.
  • I need to cancel or change an order that has already been started. How do I do this?

    If you need to make changes to an existing order, please contact us immediately to arrange it. For orders that are well into production, work that has already been completed and cancelled will be invoiced. Sometimes we can make changes or cancellations at no charge if we receive your request early in production.
  • How will my order be shipped, and when can I expect to receive it?

    Orders are shipped once the production is complete. We generally ship by FedEx Express Saver or UPS Ground; however, we will expedite your order if you provided us with a deadline. Our top priority is to meet your deadline. You may also specify to have your shipping method changed by contacting us at any time before the order ships.
  • I need to have an order rushed to meet a tight deadline.

    For rush order requests (orders that need to be delivered before the product's normal production time), please contact us so that we may determine the best option for you. Generally, for Color Magic items we can meet practically any deadline. Rush charges are added to orders where the ship date is earlier than its normal production time.
  • I need to return an order. How are returns handled?

    All returns need to be authorized by our factory before they can be processed. Please call or e-mail us if you are unsatisfied with your order or would like to return it for any other reason. Returns for custom-made items are handled on a case-by-case basis.
General Questions
  • What is Club Lorente?

    Club Lorente is a new system for creating custom promotional products and executive gifts that frees you from minimum orders, set-up charges, and long production times.
  • Is Club Lorente an Actual Club?

    Club Lorente is actually a revolutionary new line of designer executive gifts and promotional products. The Club Lorente Line revolves around your own custom-made Club Lorente Medallion. Executive Gifts are customized using your premium-quality custom-minted medallion, resulting in a beautiful array of customized gifts tailored for your organization.
  • What is a Club Lorente Medallion?

    A Club Lorente Medallion is a 2-inch, premium-quality medallion fashioned from the finest metal with a design of your choice. The design on the medallion can have color, or it can use metal relief to highlight its details. The artwork for the medallion can be designed by our art team, or it can be directly provided by your organization. The Club Lorente medallion is meant to be a unique embodiment of your organization or event that can then be passed on to the executive gifts you order.
  • How do I ‘Join’ Club Lorente?

    Joining Club Lorente is easy and hassle-free. Here are 3 simple ways to join:

    1. Click here to visit our sign-up page. After providing some basic information, a service representative will then complete the process for you.
    2. Call 1-877-281-6469, and a specialist will guide you through the quick process of creating your custom medallion and enjoying Club Lorente’s unique benefits.
    3. E-mail info@clublorente.com and a specialist will help you in creating your custom medallion over e-mail.
  • What are the benefits of using Club Lorente?

    By using Club Lorente, you gain some extraordinary benefits that are not available anywhere else on the planet:

    • No minimum orders of any kind, so you can include customized executive gifts in any budget
    • Lightning-fast, 24-hour production time, so you can end the stress that comes with last-minute planning.
    • No set-up charges or other hidden fees, so you can have confidence that you won’t overspend.
    • A stunningly beautiful and high-class line of executive gifts, all customized to your liking, and all at wholesale prices
    In Short – Club Lorente grants you the flexibility and freedom to obtain precisely the custom gifts you need, when you need them, and at a price that will make you a hero in your organization!
Product-Related Questions
  • What kinds of products can I use with my Club Lorente Medallions?

    Once you have your strikingly beautiful Club Lorente Medallion designed and made, you will have access to a wide array of customized executive gifts, golf accessories, desk accessories, luggage and many other items proven to appeal to business executives and decision makers.

    Our most popular items include our unique golf gifts (golf club headcovers, putter cups, bag tags, etc.), Solid Rosewood Desk Accessories (Pen & Pencil Cups, Pen Cases, Post-It Note Holders, etc.), and Executive Leatherette Luggage & Portfolios. Best of all, each and every executive gift you order will be designed to make your custom medallion shine, dazzle and inspire.
  • Are there other ways to customize my products in addition to using my medallions?

    Absolutely. A good portion of the Club Lorente line can also be customized for color and metal finish. Our awards can even be delivered personalized to the recipient.
  • What are Rosewood Accessories?

    Rosewood Accessories describes popular Club Lorente items such as the Pen & Pencil Cup, Pen Cases, the Post-It Note Holder, and Treasure Boxes. Rosewood Accessories make excellent gifts for executives to proudly display on their desk.

    Additionally, all Rosewood Accessories serve a useful purpose that will ensure a long life in the hands of the recipient. Finally, each Rosewood Accessory is made from the finest solid Rosewood, and comes gift boxed for added presentation value.
  • What is the Executive Luggage in Club Lorente like?

    Club Lorente Executive Luggage is custom-designed for aesthetic appeal and ergonomic utility. Club Lorente Executive Luggage ranges from simple valuables pouches, to sport briefcases, sport bags, and even full-size golf club carts and stands. Each piece of luggage is lovingly made using the finest leatherette materials, which simulate the look and feel of genuine leather in a remarkable fashion. Even better is the price: For just half the typical retail price, you can obtain a top-of-the-line gift customized with your own unique medallion!
  • How do I know if a certain product is in stock?

    In general, you can rest assured that we will have the Club Lorente product you prefer in stock. If you are looking to place a larger order, you may call us to confirm stock levels. Likewise, should we ever not have enough items to fulfill your order right away, we will call you immediately to let you know. We will even upgrade you to a higher level gift at no extra charge to you.
Benefit-Related Questions
  • Are there really no minimum orders?

    That is correct. Club Lorente has no minimum orders whatsoever. If you feel inclined, you may freely order one customized item without having to worry about any extra charges. Club Lorente is designed to accommodate any budget, any schedule, and any special needs that may arise.
  • Can I combine three or four products in my order?

    Yes. If you like, you may combine five, ten, or even fifty different items in your order if you like. There are no penalties for only ordering one or two of each item so long as you have a Club Lorente Medallion ready to use. Best of all, we will complete your order within 24 hours if necessary, ensuring you will easily meet your deadlines.
  • How long after I order can I expect my Club Lorente items to arrive?

    Orders are generally shipped 1-3 business days after being placed, so long as we have your Club Lorente Medallion in stock. You can always specify a deadline for your order, and we will make sure the deadline is met and the order is delivered on time using the appropriate shipping method.
  • Is your next-day shipping time guaranteed?

    Absolutely. If you specify a deadline with your order, we will ship your customized Club Lorente products within 24 hours to ensure timely delivery. Overnight, 2nd Day Air, and Standard Ground Shipping options are available. We will automatically choose the shipping method that will ensure delivery before your deadline.
  • Are there really no set-up charges?

    There are absolutely no set-up charges, die charges, or other charges assessed with your order. The only extra charge is a fully refundable $95 one-time membership fee to create your Club Lorente Medallion. This $95 membership fee is then credited to your account after six-hundred dollars of Club Lorente products have been purchased using your medallion.
  • I need a special design made for my custom medallion. Can your artists handle it?

    Regardless of how complicated your design is, or even if you don’t have a clue as to what you want your design to be, our professional art team will create a beautiful medallion precisely tailored to your organization.
  • How does the membership fee refund work?

    The initial fee of $95 to create a Club Lorente custom medallion is a fully refundable, risk-free investment. After using a medallion to customize six-hundred dollars worth of Club Lorente Product, your $95 Membership Fee will be credited in full. Likewise, if you are not satisfied with your medallion’s design, a full refund of the $95 fee will be provided.
Price-Related Questions
  • Are there ever any extra or hidden fees?

    There are absolutely no hidden fees whatsoever. Occasionally, on 3-dimensional or highly complicated Club Lorente Medallion designs, an additional $40-$60 die surcharge may be added. This surcharge is also fully refundable after six-hundred dollars of Club Lorente product has been customized with that medallion.
  • Is there rush service available for my medallions?

    Yes. Club Lorente Medallions typically take 3-4 weeks to design, produce and prepare. If you need to place your first Club Lorente order sooner, we can create a digital, full-color, photo-quality Color Magic™ medallion in just 3 days.
  • What are the shipping costs for my order?

    Shipping costs depend on the weight of the Club Lorente items in the order, the delivery location, and the shipping method used. Unless the order has a specific deadline, we will always ship your order using the safest and most economical method available.
  • Is sales tax applied to my order?

    Sales tax is only applied to orders with a Texas Shipping Address or Billing Address. Orders from other states are exempt from state sales tax.
  • How much does it cost to create my medallion’s design?

    A $95 refundable deposit is necessary to create your custom Club Lorente Medallion. This fee is credited to your account after the medallion has been used to customize six-hundred dollars worth of Club Lorente items. As a Club Lorente member, you are free to utilize the services of our professional art team at no charge.
Other Questions
  • I need something special made that is not in your catalog or website.

    If you need a custom-made promotional product, award, or executive gift that is not part of the Club Lorente line, we will be happy to accommodate you. Simply call us toll-free at 1-877-281-6469, or e-mail us at sales@clublorente.com, and we will be happy to design a completely custom-made item just for you.
  • I would like to create additional medallion designs to use with Club Lorente Products

    Creating a new medallion design is quick, easy, and convenient. Simply log on to your clublorente.com account and select ‘Create new Medallion’, or give us a call at 1-877-281-6469 and a specialist will handle all the details for you in a prompt and professional manner.

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