Digital Leather Frame

A fantastic gift for visiting clients and corporate golf tournaments.
Price: $241.25
Special: $207.80


  All Color Magic medals include unlimited photorealistic colors, a radiant epoxy dome finish, and can be made to accomodate even the most rushed schedules. All the medals below can be shipped within one week! Click on a medal style below to get more details.

One of our most popular medals!
A sculpted rope border adorns this medal.
A classic laurel design adds flair to your medal.
Stars and wreath encircle your custom emblem.
A medal depicting a variety of sports.
A traditional military-style pin-on medal.
Adorned with a 3-D sculpted wreath border.
An alternative wreath design with color stripes.
Radiant diamond-cut edges make your medal shine.
A super-sized medal with diamond-cut adornments.
A smaller medal with diamond-cut edges and room for engraving.
A version of the Laurel medal with radiant diamond-cut edges.
A medal with plenty of room for a striking and beautiful custom emblem.
A bold medal that puts all the emphasis on your custom artwork.
Dazzling and full of spunk, this medal is ideal for cheer and dance organizations.
A square color magic medal that features your custom artwork.